Amazon Listings… Hmm, sounds like money eh? 

Well, not quite. You seem there’s Amazon sellers that make a shit load of money through selling random products on Amazon.

Yet, there are also people who are NOT making money on Amazon.

Here’s why:


❌ Your Amazon listings should never about your product

Just like any other platform, whether you sell products using Amazon, Shopify, or any other e-commerce solution out there. Your listing should never be about your product.

Shocking right? I know. 😀

  • PRO-TIP: You see, the reality is that customers do not care about your product. Customers care about what your product could do for them.


? Bad product listing images

There, I said it. Your friends won’t tell you this. Not even your momma. But hey, somebody’s gotta tell ya. Look, if you want to sell on Amazon, what you need are great lifestyle photos. These lifestyle photos will bring life and attract a strong emotional connection between your product and your customers.

Have you ever heard of emotional buying? When people feel a strong connection towards something, they tend to get pulled to that.

  • PRO-TIP: Make your buyers feel that connection by showing them lifestyle images on your Amazon listings.


? Long Descriptions

Yes. This hurts! But wait, let me tell you why. We all know that long descriptions are the way to go when it comes to Amazon listings. But what I see a lot of people get wrong, is that they DO NOT do enough research and finding to a unique angle on what keywords they need to put include on their product title/description.

  • PRO-TIP: Take your time to find the keyword and the best angle for your product listing, and expect a good amount of sales to pour in.


✳️ Bullets

Bullets are the one of the BEST ways to increase your ranking for your Amazon listings. There are literally multiple keywords available right now for your listing.

Not using it is not helping your case at all. Amazon is just like any other websites out there, like Facebook, Google and Bing. They need keywords that determine which content they show in front of the customers who are looking for that particular keyword they put in.

  • PRO-TIP: Don’t make it hard for them to look for your product. Get your product in front of your customers by using the right keywords for your Amazon listings.


?‍♂️ Selfish, Boring Bullets

There, I said it. Selfish bullets are bad, boring and not really click-worthy!

Here’s why: Most Amazon listings are not showing up because of this.

Instead of punching in the right keywords that are relevant to your product, you’re punching in random technical terms that people will never use to look for your products while they’re shopping on Amazon.

Look, nobody cares what ISO-12931 means. Most of the time, your customers does NOT even care about it.

  • PRO-TIP: What you need to do instead is make them feel and learn about the benefits they’d get if they buy your product AND what they’ll miss if they do not get your product.


Does this make sense?

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